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【The Future Jazz Quartet】CD制作応援プロジェクト!

WE ARE an instrumental jazz band called "The Future Jazz Quartet"! AND want to join forces with everyone TO make a CD!

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For this campaign, the funding will be achieved if the project reached it's goal on July 07, 2019 23:59
The application period for this campaign will be from May 20, 2019 20:00 to July 07, 2019 23:59. Please prepare your account in advance and await the start. You can register your account here.


We have only one week remaining in our fundraising campaign.

We'd really like to achieve our 200% stretch goal and be able to make our FJQ promotional music video!

We just can’t thank you enough for your support!

▷Additional Plan

・¥10,000 Go for it! Plan 

- Thank you message card

・¥50,000 More Go for it !! Plan

- Thank you message card

- FJQ members' or your portrait illustration by Aiko Yoshiba (post card & jpeg)

 *You can choose an FJQ portrait or a portrait illustration of you! 



Finally we have achieved our 100% goal for pit CD project!!!

We really appreciate your participation and support!!!

We are very happy and will soon begin recording FJQ’s debut CD!!!

We still have 10 days left in our fundraising campaign so we hope to also also achieve some of our stretch goals. Thank you so much again!!

* Regarding the plan ¥6,000 - , we found mistakes . The correction is as follows.


 - your name will be added to the thanks list of the cd jacket 


- Your name and a message on CD jacket (if you prefer)



We have only about 2 weeks left to finish this project... 

To achieve our 100% goal, we added one more special plan.

It’s called our “Autographed Message Plan”

This plan is just a single donation of ¥1000. 

We will send you a special thank you message card with our autographs , and a personalized message of your choosing! 



We are so grateful to have achieved over 50 percent of our goal already! Thank you so much! We still have a ways to go to achieve our 100% goal so we are adding some additional wonderful incentives: 

Due to popular demand, two additional composition plans have been added!

We also created a new plan to share individual solo recordings of each of Sax, Piano, Bass and Drums for up to 5 contributors. These tracks will be in MP3 format and can be used royalty free by the contributor. 

Many thanks again for you support!



Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We are a music group called The Future Jazz Quartet !

We have performed throughout Kansai as well as Tokyo and our four-member band with wide-ranging musical tastes creates spontaneous sonic almost chemical reactions every time we perform. We are comprised of Tenor sax, Piano, Electric bass and Drums. The FJQ Members are: 

Haruno Imai - Sax

Aiko Yoshiba - Piano

Naoki Isobe - Bass

Von Baron - Drums 

We live in different cities. but we are looking forward to many more performances together in Kansai and Tokyo in 2019! 

We formed in 2017 in Osaka, Japan and have performed throughout various Kansai (Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto) locations for many of our dedicated fans. We are a high-energy musical group and believe our sound points towards the future of Jazz. We have a passionate, tight, virtuosic, exploratory and sonically-evolving style.

We don’t often play familiar cover songs, as our focus is in creating original compositions that have become favorites of our many enthusiastic fans. With their encouragement, we decided to embark on this journey to release our first commercial CD. We want to capture the magic of our sound so our current and future fans can enjoy our music at home. We really feel the possibilities for reaching a wider audience are limitless. 

During live shows, we often receive audible cheers from our audience. "I want you to capture those sounds", we thought and so decided that we want to record and produce live performances! ! ! 

We really feel the possibilities for reaching a wider audience are limitless. 

Although challenging, we have been able to align our schedules for recording and rehearsals. 

We have already invested much time toward writing and arranging our songs, coordinating the studio time and rehearsing for our recording. This has meant that we sometimes have to sacrifice other avenues of income so that we can focus more on FJQ. So, we would really like to have your help going forward. We are ready to record our music, take professional band photos and design and manufacture CD.  

We anticipate having a physical product and recording of our work, will enable us to open many more doors to festivals and music venues throughout Japan and Asia. With this in mind, we created our crowdfunding initiative. We would really like to have your support and have you join us on this musical journey.

This project aims to gather support for recording and producing our debut CD, taking promotional FJQ photos, producing FJQ music and promotional videos and performing a CD release tour. 

After the crowdfunding financial goal is reached, it will take

about 1 to 2 months from recording to pressing and packaging the

CD. All crowdfunding membership from ¥3000 and up will receive a

signed pre-release copy.

At this time, we are ready to record our music, produce our debut CD, and book a CD release tour. Thanks very much in advance for your support!

 We have created some special FJQ merchandise and experiences for contributors. Please read below and choose a level of support that is good for you. This project is only for producing our debut CD, however,if we can achieve our 100% goal, we'd like to also achieve a "120% stretch goal " for our release tour in Tokyo, Kobe, and Kyoto areas. If we are able to achieve our “200% stretch goal", we then be able to also create a professional music video!

We are looking forward to your participation !!

All Or Nothing:

If we don't reach the goal, we will return all your donations 

The fund will be used for : 

- Recording 

- Mix - Mastering 

- CD press 

- Artist photos 

- Band Merchandise 

- Shipping - Holding events 

- cost of preparation for crowdfunding  etc. 

120% stretch goal : 

CD release tour in Tokyo, Kobe, and Shiga prefecture. 

200% stretch goal :  

making FJQ promotion movie 


May : starting the crowdfunding project 

May to June : Rehearsal 

July : recording, mix & mastering,  

August : taking photos , making Band Merchandise  

September : CD release , talk & live event in Kyoto only for people who join the crowdfunding project  

DATE: SEP. 22 th (Sun) 

VENUE: Kyoto 

TIME: 2pm to 4pm  (about 2 hours ) 

October : CD release tour ( a tentative plan) Tokyo and Kansai area Oct. 11 (fri) to Oct. 14 (Mon) 

3,000 yen

 -Autographed CD

6,000 yen

-Autographed CD

-Your name and a message on CD jacket (if you prefer) 

-FJQ Band Merchandise (Bag)

10,000 yen

-Autographed CD

-Your name and a message on CD jacket (if you prefer) 

-FJQ Band Merchandise (Bag)


- FJQ Post Card with autograph

-A bonus track not to be released on the CD (mp3)

- Movie of one of our rehearsals (mp4) (about 30 mins)

30,000 yen

-Autographed CD

-Your name and a message on CD jacket (if you prefer) 

-FJQ Band Merchandise (Bag)

- FJQ Post Card with autograph

-A bonus track not to be released on the CD (mp3)

- Movie of one of our rehearsals (mp4) (about 30 mins)


-Movie of our FJQ gig on May 19th in Osaka, Take-5

-Unpublished FJQ photos (jpg)

-FJQ T-shirt( S/ M / L/ XL) (black) & clear file

50,000 yen

Jam session with FJQ in a music studio. 

*For this level of support, we’ll also need to discuss additional costs such as studio fees, equipment rental fees and transportation and hotel fees if the venue requires travel.

• This plan does not include the CD.

80,000 yen 

- Private FJQ concert in location of your choice*

*For this level of support, we’ll also need to discuss additional costs such as studio fees, equipment rental fees and transportation and hotel fees if the venue requires travel.

*We will also do our best to add your song requests to our set list for your show. 

• This plan does not include the CD.

100,000 yen 

-Autographed CD

-Your name and a message on CD jacket (if you prefer) 

-FJQ Band Merchandise (Bag)

- FJQ Post Card with autograph

-A bonus track not to be released on the CD (mp3)

- Movie of one of our rehearsals (mp4) (about 30 mins)

-Movie of our FJQ gig on May 19th in Osaka, Take-5

-Unpublished FJQ photos (jpg)

-FJQ T-shirt( S/ M / L/ XL) (black) & clear file


- Private call with FJQ via SKYPE( 25 mins) *Skype fees (if any) to be paid by the contributor.

- Attend FJQ rehearsal (120 mins)*

*Does not include contributor’s transportation fee.

- Movie from our recording session (mp4) (20 mins)

100,000 yen 

- Compose 1 song for you!!! ( mp3 & pdf )

• This plan does not include the CD.



Important for Contributors outside of the Japan:     

Yes, you can contribute from any country of the world! 




you tube 


Harumo Imai

Harumo Imai is a Japanese saxophonist and composer. She began learning to play YAMAHA Electone at the age of three. At the age of thirteen she began playing saxophone and participated in a YAMAHA Electone live performance project for teenagers hosted by YAMAHA. This event was her first experience performing at nightclubs with other musicians, playing both YAMAHA Electone and saxophone.

At sixteen, Harumo started playing mainly saxophone at nightclubs in her hometown Shiga, Japan as well as nearby Kyoto. Soon after graduating from high school, she moved to Tokyo and began performing more actively.

In 2016, She traveled to the United States to participate in the music program VIXCAMPS, hosted by legendary bassist Victor Wooten and held in Nashville, Tennessee. She learned from Victor and other world-class musicians like Bob Franceschini and Jeff Coffin. 

Since 2018, She has been a part of “Ralph Rolle & The Funk Patrol” which is a Soul/Disco live project by world-renowned amazing drummer, Ralph Rolle (Nile Rodgers & CHICK, etc.).

In 2019, she appeared with Victor Wooten on his Japan tour as a guest musician.

Presently, Harumo is playing various styles of music, including Jazz, Funk, Soul, R&B, Rock, Fusion, and Free Improvisation. Although she currently lives in Tokyo, she often tours the west side of Japan performing as both a band leader and side musician.

Aiko Yoshiba

AIKO YOSHIBA, born in MIE prefecture, is a graduate from KUFS (Kyoto University of Foreign Studies). She began piano at 3 years old and graduated from the Yamaha School of Music. After a 4~5 year hiatus, she began to study under Haruya Kibata & Akihiro Horikoshi, both well-known jazz pianists. She also traveled to New York City, where she worked under the tutelage of Matthew Fries and Kevin Hays. She plays piano, synthesizer keyboard, effector, and Hammond44.

Currently, she is a prolific performer, arranger and writer producing shows in various styles of music including Jazz ,Funk and Pop among others.

2015 - Participant in Otsu Jazz Festival as a guest performer showcasing her original compositions

2016 - Released first commercial CD

        -SEMI-FINALIST in the International Songwriting Competition 2016

2017 - Released a piano trio CD

        - SEMI-FINALIST in the International Songwriting Competition 2017 

        - Also performs with other R&B, Soul, Pop, and Music acts throughout Japan.

2018 - Released her third commercial CD featuring original, pop and gospel music. 

Her unique compositions and peformance stem from her perspective of the world. Growing up in natural surroundings, she draws inspiration for her creativity from seeing nature and life from many angles. Something clearly evident in her compositions and playing.

Naoki Isobe

Born into a musical family, bassist and composer Naoki Isobe started to learn western classical music at the age of 4. Besides studying classical piano, Naoki started to play jazz and popular music on the alto saxophone at 8, rock and funk music on electric guitar and bass at 13. Then he started to play jazz gigs on bass during his high school years.

In 2013, when he was still in high school, he first took part in "VixCamps", which is a music and nature camp hosted by bassist, Victor Wooten. Since then he has paticipated in the same camp every year until 2017, and has learned music from musicians such as, Victor Wooten, Regi Wooten, Anthony Wellington, Howard Levy, and Steve Bailey.

With Naoki's older brother, Hiroki Isobe on electric guitar, he released his first progresssive rock and jazz fusion album "Into the Night" in 2016 and second album "Into the Night 2" in 2018 with drummers Kozo Suganuma and Senri Kawaguchi.

In 2016 Naoki placed as a 5th bass finalist in Lee Ritenor's Six String Theory Competition. In 2019 he sat in with the Victor Wooten band at Osaka’s Billboard Live with Harumo Imai on tenor sax.

Besides being a career bassist, he also works as a pianist on a contemporary jazz duo project with his brother Hiroki Isobe called "Into the Night 2".

Von Baron

Originally from Kansas City, USA, Von Baron moved with his family in 2016 from Honolulu, HI to Osaka, Japan. Von is a critically acclaimed drummer performing internationally with musicians that include Benny Golson, Stanley Jordan, Eddie Henderson, Don Ho, Ota san, Phillip Strange, Seiki Yukimoto, Minoru Satomura, Mitsuhiro Furuya, The Von Baron Band, The Future Jazz Quartet, The Honolulu Jazz Quartet, Tommy James and Stafford Hunter (Duke Ellington Orchestra), Geoffrey Keezer, Shelly Berg, Pete Christlieb, Ira Nepus, Henry Kapono, Jeff Peterson, Theresa Bright and Matt Catingub & The Honolulu Symphony Pops among others.

In addition to his drumming career, Von has produced four commercial albums Pangaea, Souljourner, The Answer and Can You Feel It many other compositions for TV, Film, Video Game and Radio productions throughout the world.

Von is also a prolific drum instructor having taught over 10,000 drum lessons. He recently moved his drum school online to DRUMMING4LIFE Where students enjoy Von’s warm and personable way of teaching through interactive video drum lessons.






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